When do you need your Adenoids or Tonsils Removed?

COMMON INDICATIONSadenoidal and tonsillar enlargement with obstruction, recurrent strep
throat GABHS positive children with comorbidities, recurrent tonsillar infection (7 in 1 year, 5/y in 2 years), obstructive sleep apnoea, suspected malignancy, recurrent quinsy post

Adenoidal enlargement is diagnosed clinically by your ENT surgeon. Adenoidal removal is indicated within adenoidal tissue occupies greater than > 75% of the nasal pharyngeal space or or due to
recurrent adenoiditis/sinusitis/snotty nose is symptoms or for recurrent ear infection.

Tonsillar enlargement is also diagnosed clinically as indicated if tonsils are grade 3/4 grade 4/4.

Tonsillar enlargement with clear history of obstructive symptoms such as sleep apnoea, sleep
disturbance, difficulty swallowing and gagging I indications for removal of tonsils. Paediatric sleep
questionnaire 21 point scoring system (attached) scores above 8/21 may be a useful guide in
predicting significant obstruction in these children. Suspicion of abnormal enlargement of a
unilateral tonsil on the basis of possible malignancy should also be entertained provided there are
associated B’ symptoms (I E: Night sweats, fevers, lethargy, weight loss)

Tonsil infection especially with strep throat and history of recurrent infection R indication for
tonsillectomy. Current recommendations are if the child has 6-7 infections per year or 5 infections
per year 2 consecutive years, or 3 infections per year for 3 consecutive years should consider
tonsillectomy. Other indications include recurrent quinsy, PAFFA, severe drooling, rheumatic fever
risk group

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